We have a lot of volunteers on our farm that help us out with the daily tasks, learning how to grow vegetables and what it means to be a farmer at the 63 latitude.

We accept volunteers by the volunteer organizations WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) http://www.wwoof.se and from Workaway https://www.workaway.info/

Through wwoof and lloof we can also accept Erasmus+ students

An ordinary day looks like this:
7-8 Breakfast (Weekends between 8-9)
7:55 (8:55 weekends) We go through the main tasks for the day.
8:00-9:45 Morning tasks and instruktions for the rest of the day (Weekends we start at 9)
9:45-10 Morning Coffee break (very important to take a fika)
10-12 Continue to work mostly outside with the task i have given you.
12-13 Lunch break
13-17 Free time. Either you work more to have another day off, or maybe a walk in the mountains? We have cars that you can rent.
16:30 Whose who will cook dinner for the day, start cooking. (we expect you to cook at least one day a week for everybody)
17:30 Dinner

When the hens want to sleep (20-ish, or then it's start to get dark) Evening tasks and closing up for the night. Takes usally 15 min.

We expect you to work 25 hours a week. You can work a full day to get another day free. On wednesdays and Sundays we need to have the orders packed for the deliverytruck who comes on Monday/Thursdays. So these days we have to pack until everything is packed and ready for deliviring.

Both of us work outside the farm as well, so we cant always work together with you, Especially in winter time i am working from 10:00-17:00 at my other work in the IT.
Sundays we go to church and the volunteers are always free to join.

We also expect you to keep your room tidy and helping out with the meals.
No smoking or alcohol is allowed.
You have to have a personal insurance if you get sick and need medical help in sweden. 
Here you can find information about going to sweden swedenabroad.se and visitsweden.com

To have high quality in the farm we use some tools and documents for instructions that you need to follow. Please read the following document and have it signed when you arrive to us.
Hygianic rules for harvest.

You can also prepare yourself by reading the ”Living and learning on a organic farm guide” or you can also find study materials on the living and learning on arganic farms webpage. we can also accept Erasmus+ students through lloof and their courses. Please check it out.

We use the following apps to organizing the daily tasks, what you can download to your smartphone.
Microsoft To Do (Android, iPhone, Windows)

We have WiFi all over the farm and you will get the password for it when you arrive.
We have also a facebook group for the volunteers who have visited the farm please join it.

Cottage, 1 room, 2 beds, 15 square meter.
Big house, 1 room, 2 beds, 25 square meter.
Caravan, 4 beds. Only for summer.

We might have extra beds if neccesary

Tips for exploring the area
Visit Åre http://visitare.se/
Åre Sweden https://aresweden.com/
Visit Östersund http://visitostersund.se/
Jämtland Härjedalen tourist https://jamtland.se
Visit Mountains http://www.visitfjallen.se/
Bydals Mountains http://www.bydalsfjallen.se/